Mengenal YZF-R1 Lebih Dalam

Sobat Goozires, mungkin dah pernah baca spek dari YZF-R1 di sini atau melihat galeri YZF-R1 di sini namun tak ada salahnya jika kita review lebih detail komponen apa saja yang nemplok di YZF-R1 cekidot deh…..

Teknologi Mesin
  • New 998cc crossplane in-line 4-cylinder, 4-valve engine
  • New crossplane crankshaft design delivers linear torque output
  • Claimed power of 197bhp @ 13,500 rpm
  • Claimed torque of 83lbft @ 11,500 rpm
  • 79.0 x 50.9 mm bore x stroke, high compression ratio of 13.0:1
  • Lightweight titanium fracture-split con rods
  • Lightweight forged aluminium bridge-box pistons
  • Large diameter valves and high efficiency intake ports
  • Rocker arm valve drive with diamond like carbon (DLC) coating
  • 2-directional 12-hole injectors
  • Low-tension piston rings
  • Piston pins with diamond like carbon (DLC) coating
  • Offset cylinder design
  • Large capacity 10.5 litre airbox
  • Titanium 4-2-1 exhaust with side-exit end-can and new exhaust valve
  • Lightweight assist and slipper clutch
  • YCC-I and YCC-T
  • 17-litre tank size
Teknologi Sasis
  • Newly designed asymmetric aluminium Deltabox frame
  • 199kg wet / 179kg dry
  • Magnesium rear sub-frame with aluminium truss-type swingarm
  • YZR-M1 type central forced air intake
  • Race-developed aluminium 17-litre fuel tank
  • KYB 43mm front fork with 120mm travel
  • Bottom-link type Monocross rear suspension
  • Lightweight cast-magnesium wheels
  • ABS with Yamaha Unified Brake System
  • Twin 320mm front disc brakes with new monoblock 4-piston calipers
  • 220mm rear disc with 1-piston pin-slide caliper
  • Unique new front face with LED position lights and compact LED headlights
  • Wide seat with race-developed fuel tank for optimal riding position
  • Mirrors with integral front flashers
  • 855mm seat height
Teknologi Elektronic
  • 6-axis IMU for 3-dimensional motion detection
  • Constantly monitors bike position and behaviour
  • Measures lean angle, slide speed and pitching rate
  • 32-bit CPU gives 125 calculations per second
  • Gyro sensor for pitch, roll and yaw
  • G-sensor measures front/rear, up/down and right/left motion
  • Banking angle sensitive Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Rear wheel Slide Control System (SCS)
  • Front LIFt control system (LIF)
  • Launch Control System (LCS)
  • Quick Shift System (QSS)
  • Adjustable 4-position PWR power mode selection system
  • Yamaha Ride Control (YRC) function
  • New digital instrument panel with Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD
  • High definition anti-reflective design
  • Coloured display with choice of white or black backgrounds
  • Selectable ‘Street’ and ‘Track’ modes showing different data
  • Optional Communication Control Unit (CCU) with data logging and Wi- Fi set up 
Harga di Inggris untuk R1 = £14.999 dabn untuk R1M = £18.499
Sumber: MCN
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