New Mio 125 Bluecore

Hi Goozires,YIMM released new Mio Third 3rd generation yesterday at Blitzt Megaplex Kelapa Gading. Developed by Yamaha Iwata Japan, it’s more superior than before. Indonesia become the priority because Indonesia have big market  for Yamaha. This scooter developed ‘’Without Compromise’  with agile handling, powerful and economical. Indonesia has been a challenge for dispensing motor powered but still economical.

Fact of New Mio Bluecore (iwb version)
  1. 30% lighter chassis  but sturdy
  2. Engine mounting and  plate-shaped minimal vibration
  3. Capacity 125cc, accelerate from silence  leaving mio j about 18 meters behind with better fuelconsumption.
  4. Weght 88 kg
  5. Bagage 10,1 liters
  6. Sart parking lock
  7. mart side stand switch
  8. Multi function key 3 in 1
  9. High seat from ground  758 mm, the length of seat 690 mm
  10. Capacity fuel tank 4,2 liters
  11. 50% more efficient  than carburator generation 2008
  12. The latest  spring character spring 80mm rear wheel travel so claimed mor confortable
  13. A drop of gasoline  accounted  for  by engineering
  14. The target 860.000 units next year
  15. Bluecore machine  is possible applied to sport product, but depending on the Yamaha policy strategy .
  16. Feature eco drive indicator light turn on when the motor  is driving at speed economial 20-70km/hour
  17. The strong and fast Yamaha DNA were maintained even add strength economical there in.
Now, how the price?
YIMM released the price for new MIO 125 Bluecore  about Rp 13.080.000 SW and Rp 13.980.000 CW On The Road Jakarta  and maybe next year the price  will increased
YIMM produced New Mio 125 Bluecore about 860.000 units next year. 10% will be exported to ASEAN counries. “starting nearly next year i think it can be exported. Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia i guess being a potential market.” Said Dyonisius Beti ( Excecutive Vice  President Yamaha Indonesia)
OK Goozires, enough for share now…
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