Marquez siap tempur di Jerez
Sobat goozir, kabar gembira bagi anda penggila MotoGP sebab Marquez siap tempur kembali di Jerez esok Minggu. Kabar dilansir dari MCN bahwa Marquez confirm akan ikut balapan di Jerez di kandangnya sendiri. Setelah sukses dengan terapi dan penyembuhan cedera jari kelingking kirinya  Marquez confirm siap tempur bersama Rossi , Dovi dan lainnya.

Sementara Pedrosa ga ikut balap di Jerez karena belum 100% pulih sebagaimana dilansir dari ridertua,

Marquez ngomong: 

“Today I underwent another examination by Dr. Mir, and he confirmed that the wound is healing well and looking good,” said Marquez. “He took off the cast that they had put on and now I have begun to do some physiotherapy work with some active and passive movements. My finger will be checked at Jerez after every session and the bandages will be changed. 

“I am very motivated for this Grand Prix, because it is the first of the year in Spain, there are my home fans there and I have some good memories from previous years! It’s a pity about the injury, but I hope that it doesn’t affect me too much and that I can get a great result in front of the fans.”

So dengan ikut balapnya Marquez di Jerez  akan membuat persaingan semakin sengit dan seru. Kita akan lihat apakah sirkuit Jerez akan takluk oleh rider Italia atau rider Spanyol? Kita tunggu jawabannya 3 Mei mendatang bro..

Semoga berguna

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