Teaser baru Ducati, "ini baru gaya"


Sobat goozir, teaser terbaru dari Ducati berdurasi 39 detik. Mengindikasikan sebuah produk sepeda motor baru bertajuk “This is Style” motor yang masih misterius dan baru akan dibuka tabirnya tanggal 16 November nanti. Motor apa ya kira kira…?


Berikut videonya..

With “This is Style” the new Ducati tale is drawing to a close. 
In the run-up to the grand finale on November 16 during the 2016 Ducati World Première, here is the new chapter of “This is Style” which continues to tell the story of the new Ducati surrounded by just a veil of secrecy.
Curving lines and shadows which shift to reveal shapely forms are the main characters of “This is Style”.

Semoga berguna….

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