Ban Kunci Keberuntungan Honda

Keunggulan grip ban menjadi kunci  dominannya Marc Mrquez dibanding Rpssi dan Lorenzo dimotogp musim 2014 ini. Itulah pandangan  bos HRC Shuhei  Nakamoto yang percaya prototipe RC213V 1000CC memiliki grip lebih baik di lap-lap akhir yang penting.

Nakamoto bicara kepada MCN : “On corner speed, the Yamaha is clearly faster and the throttle opening point is much earlier than us. But our strong point is braking stability. And our machine is also better in quick turning in slow corners. One key area is once the grip drops down our bike is easier to keep the lap time because our bike doesn’t have corner speed. Yamaha loses a bit in this area because they stress the edge of the tyre a bit more. Most of the races this year, Marc overtakes at the end. He is not enjoying being behind, he is trying to overtake but at the beginning of the race it is impossible because corner speed and acceleration on the Yamaha is better than Honda. It looks like Marc is enjoying waiting but he is waiting for Yamaha’s tyre to drop down.” (sumber : MCN edited by
sekian dulu share saya sobat Goozires….
semoga berguna… 

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